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…we take a break from our regularly scheduled programing to bring you gifs from Star Wars.

May the fourth be with you…

Snow Animated GIF - Giphy

Snow Animated GIF - Giphy

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I downloaded this mod because I thought it’d be funny, but it’s actually really terrifying in action, especially in conjunction with some immersion/difficulty mods. You’ll be in the midst of a quest, going off to kill some evil guy or save some jerk, fighting off some baddies when ALL OF A SUDDEN YOU HEAR THIS SARCASTIC SOUNDING CHEERY MUSIC AND HEAR THE DEMONIC TOOT TOOT OF A TRAIN AND YOU LOOK IN THE SKY BUT YOU CAN’T SEE WHERE IT IS AND THE TOOT TOOT GETS LOUDER AND YOU KNOW IT’S CLOSER BUT YOU STILL CAN’T FIND IT AND THEN A STREAM OF TRAIN FIRE SHOOTS FROM BEHIND YOU AND YOU’RE FUCKING DEAD

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BNSF TRAIN • TUESDAY 9/17/2013 • 11:15 PM

Alki Trail/ S. Spokane St. Viaduct/ Below the West Seattle Bridge